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Art Gallery 410Gallery

​ Expressions that change daily are in the space that connects history.

​The building is located in Kawabata Shopping Street, the center of Fukuoka. In a room on the 4th floor of a vintage building that is over 50 years old, culture and art gather and the story begins. The entrance is a chic space with black walls and a high white ceiling that retains the texture of vintage and modern concrete. People and sensibility resonate in the white cube created only to attract the work.

Artists selected for exhibition at 410Gallery

We will do our best to ensure a pleasant transaction until the end, so please check the details below.

Special exhibition holding procedure

"About holding a special exhibition"

Please check the contents and fill out the information form. ​

​02.Send information form

After submitting the information form, the 410 Secretariat will contact you in about a week and then we will have a meeting.

After adjusting the schedule with the 410 Secretariat, we will issue a contract with mutual agreement. ​

​The exhibition was held about 2 months ago.

Please create postcards and public relations.


       About the special exhibition

01 410Gallery special exhibition


02 Delivery/Return

03 Work list

       Title card/caption

04 Postcard

05 Public relations

06 Exhibition

07 Reception/During the exhibition period

​08 Gallery

09 Contract for work


10 Storage of works

​       Schedule confirmation

       410Gallery information

11 Venue and equipment

​12 Loading/unloading

​13 Loading entrance

​14 Application form

Regarding the planned exhibition


​410Gallery special exhibition

​​■We do not charge venue fees​


*About the contractOnce both parties agree, we will issue a contract.

*Please feel free to contact the owner of 410Gallery regarding the sales price of the works.


Delivery: Thursday (13:00-19:00)

Period: Friday to Monday (13:00 to 19:00)

Unloading:​Monday (18:00-20:00)



■Shipping is prepaid

■Return shipping is cash on delivery


*Direct delivery and removal of works is also possible.

​ *If a substitute person will come to carry out the removal, please let us know in the notes section or the 410 secretariat.


​Work list

・Title card


■Please create a list of works (list of works to be exhibited and sold).

*The list of works is in free format.

*The list of works will be held.410 affairs by one week agoPlease attach it to the station's email and send it.

*If you cannot create it on a computerPlease contact the 410 office in advance.

■Title cards and captions must be created by the artist.

​*410 If you request the office, we will prepare the work while listening to the title, price, materials, etc. on the day of delivery. createFee 5,500Yen (tax included)



■Please design and print by the artist.


*Please consult with the 410 office regarding the number of postcards.

■When requesting a postcard from the 410 office

​※The production fee including design will be 55,000 yen (tax included).

*At least 2 months before the event dateteethPlease contact us below.

​Required information: Period/PostcardWork images, titles, texts, etc. to be posted on

​*The design will be produced after the meeting.

*Postcard fee not included (as soon as it is completed,We will deliver)


public relations

■Both 410Gallery and artists will disseminate information and attract customers via SNS and the web.


*For public announcements that require a fee, please contact the artist.



■Please contact the artist.


*If you are unable to come to the venue, we will display your work in the gallery, so please attach exhibition instructions if you wish.

​ *For special exhibitions or works over 20 kg, please have the artist (exhibition staff, etc.) display them.


Reception/during the event

■Please pay for reception and drinks during the event.


​ *Please contact us in advance to hold a reception.

​ *Artists are responsible for preparing the guest book and equipment necessary for exhibition.



■It will be held at our gallery.


*Thinking about the customer, as much as possible​Artist'sPlease be present in the nave.


Contract for work

■When selling at Art Gallery 410 Gallery, we will negotiate with the customer and attach a gallery sales certificate to the sale, so please contact the office staff at ​410


*You will be required to pay 40% of the sales price (tax included) as a sales administration fee.

*For electronic payments (credit card, etc.)​5% fee will be charged.

​ *The gallery will bear the shipping costs for the agreed works.

*Works will be shipped to customers and taken home after the exhibition ends.

*We do not charge sales administration fees for sales outside of 410 Gallery​


​Work storage

■If your work is kept at 410Gallery, we will provide you with a receipt.

​ *Will be issued in the event that a work is kept for future sales such as consignment sales.

schedule check

Please make adjustments according to 410Gallery's annual schedule.

​410Gallery information




Art Gallery 410Gallery

​ 4th floor, Kawabata Chuo Building, 11-8 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0026

Opening hours

13:00-19:00 (last day 18:00)

・Delivery begins at 13:00 on the day before the event.

・Unloading is until 20:00 on the last day

Gallery equipment (size mm)​


・40 lights (bulb color LED 60W equivalent)

・30 lights (bulb color LED 100W equivalent)

・Movable counter (W900 x D700 x H890)Two

・Table (W1800×D400×H750)4 units

・1 fixed exhibition stand (W1500 x D600 x H890)

・Exhibition stand (white W450 x D450 x H900)

​・Exhibition stand (white W300×D300×H1090)

​・4 exhibition stands (silver W320×D320×H1000)

・Outlet:7 locations

・Full-scale picture rail

・Picture wire: 30 pieces

・Round chairs: 20 chairs

・Standing signboard: A3 x 1 sheet, A4 x 2 sheets




・Air conditioner


・Work storage location

​Work management

Our gallery's disclaimer is as follows:

Damage or theft associated with the management and storage of users' goods, etc.Facility useDuring ~disasters, etc.associated damage.In addition, human or property damage that occurs while using the facility.Damages due to emergency situations


One key during the usage periodI will lend you

If you lose your key, you will be charged 3,850 yen (tax included) per piece.

​Indoor dimensions (mm)

Above figure: 5,000

Figure right 4,000

Below figure 4,000

CL side 1,200

After counter 1,200

Ceiling height 2,900

410 見取図 画像.jpg

mobile counter

410 カウンター 分割画像.jpg


Loading and unloading

Installation date

Date: The day before

Delivery time: 13:00-15:00

Exhibit preparation: Until 19:00

​※Carry inIf it is not possible the day before the eventPlease contact the office

Installation date

When requesting a gallery to unpack and exhibit a work

​ *An unpacking and display fee of 22,000 yen (tax included) is required.

Empty box storage area for works

We have space available in the gallery or in our warehouse.

*From the secretariatI'll guide you

Export date

Date: Last day

Closing time: 18:00

​Evacuation work: Until 20:00

*By the artistpleaseI will do it.

​ *For special exhibitions, artists should provide staff.

Export date

When requesting the gallery to pack and return the work

​*Package return work fee 22,000Yen (tax included) requiredIt will be required.


​ Delivery entrance

Art Gallery 410Gallery

​ 4th floor, Kawabata Chuo Building, 11-8 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0026

​Google Map

410 地図 新 画像.jpg

●2 minutes walk from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

●Fukuoka Municipal Subway Exit 5

●20 seconds after entering Kawabata shopping street (on the right)

Kawabata Chuo Building

1st floor: Berkeley

2nd floor: Takakatsu

4th floor: Art gallery410Gallery

*At the back of the entrance next to the clothing store, take the elevator on the right side facing Berkeley to the 4th floor.


●Berkeley (hamburger curry)

*It has been around for a long time and is famous for being delicious.

Popular with Hakataza performers and 410 Gallery owners.

●Takakatsu (Izakaya)

*This is a famous store where SoftBank Hawks players also come.



​After filling out the application form, please press the send button.

Our office will contact you within one week.

​We may not be able to accommodate your request for the date, so please make arrangements after meeting with the secretariat.

Artist information


​ *The delivery date will be the day before the event.

​ *Until 18:00 on the last day

​*Unloading work will be done on the last day.

​About the work

work image

Work sales list (including number of works and sales price)

Work list


​Please fill in only for group exhibitions.

Remarks column

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