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This work is in an acrylic case, so you don't need a frame.

Crow in the flower

  • The world is infinitely multi-layered, and what we "perceive" is only a small part of it.

    There are as many worlds as there are species such as animals and plants. Even humans have multiple worlds, depending on their thoughts, beliefs, environments, interests, and so on. The world in which we live is a multi-layered structure in which all of these things are stacked on top of each other, and the world that we can see is by no means the only world we can see.

    I want to think that the world is still beautiful, including the layers that I cannot see.

    If "not seeing" the "invisible" creates division and conflict, the role of art is to make us aware of the diversity of the world by feeling the existence of "invisible layers". I think it's one. moon frog

  • Size: 227mm x 153mm

    Materials: acrylic paint, solvent paint, inkjet paper, dye ink, resin, glitter powder, rhinestones/wood panel

    Frame: acrylic frame


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