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  • 「咲く」ということをテーマ作られた作品。雨や大地、花をモチーフとした作品である。

  • サイズ:880mm×550mm×20mm

    材料:Japanese ink・gold leaf・canvas



​Flow until the work arrives

​ Fill in the inquiry form

Our staff will contact you after confirming your work. At that time, we will discuss the availability of frames, price, shipping, etc.

​Transfer information

After the payment is confirmed, our professional staff will pack the package and contact you regarding the delivery date.


​Trader delivery

Once the delivery date and time are decided, the delivery company will deliver the item.The delivery company will be Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.

Large company delivery

​For large works or special works whose three sides exceed 260cm, Yamato Art Shipping will visit and install them.*Extra cost

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