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410Gallery×HAKATA HANKYUArtship

410Gallery×Hakata Hankyu Artship


Collaboration between 410Gallery and Hakata Hankyu Artship

A total of 23 contemporary artists from Japan and overseas who are active in museums.

The art exhibition features representative works by award-winning artists.

Approximately 200 pieces, ranging from easy-to-display pieces to actual pieces exhibited at museums, will be exhibited and sold at the event hall on the 7th floor of Hakata Hankyu.

The joy of encountering and purchasing works. The excitement of seeing it up close.

Please take this opportunity to visit the event hall on the 7th floor of Hakata Hankyu.

Venue: Hakata Hankyu 7th floor event hall

1-1 Hakataeki Chuo-gai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0012

Free admission 10:00~19:00

Until the last day, 19th (Wednesday) 18:00


・Bokuden Matsuda (calligraphy/sculpture)

・Nagami Tousetsu (ceramics)

・Kenji Moroi (Casting)

・Yasuhiro Tsutsumi (oil painting)

・Keiji Takada (Painter)

・Kiharago (tempera painting)

・Tsukino Kaeru (resin)

・Lee Kooha (ink/gold leaf)

・Maya Mekira (modeling)

・Takechakoff (Illustration)

・HAKUDOU (ink painting)

・Shimada Stratos (Illustration)

・Yutsuru (calligraphy)

・Michiyo Nagai (watercolor)

・Nawate Hideki (watercolor)

・Tetsuji Nabeshima (acrylic)

・Asaco Oguma (oil painting)

・Takashi Ito (wood carving)

・Kosone emiko (mixed)

・Masaaki Toyoyoshi (Photo)

・Okasaori (acrylic)

・Mitsutoshi Sunahara (acrylic)

・Aya Sekiguchi(acrylic)

・Bokuden Matsuda (calligraphy/sculpture)


Born in Kiyama-cho, Saga Prefecture in 1940. A calligrapher and sculptor living in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City. He is the current president of the Bisho Shogei Academy, the director of the monthly magazine ``Sho no Bi'', and an advisor to the Toyo Shogei Academy. While attending Tosu High School, he met Hirakawa Hokuzan sensei and received calligraphy lessons. Afterwards, he studied under Hirakawa Hokuzan Sensei. In his mid-thirties he became an independent calligrapher. Starting from Fukuoka, he has traveled not only in Japan, but also in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Venezuela, and other parts of Europe, America, and Asia, promoting "world peace through art." The theme is solo exhibitions of calligraphy, exchange exhibitions, and performances. He strives to introduce Japanese culture and received the 2001 Fukuoka City Cultural Award. While holding solo exhibitions around the world, he continues to perform with musicians and collaborate with artists in other fields such as sculpture and ceramics. Received the Fukuoka Prefecture Cultural Merit Award in 2018, and received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Regional Cultural Merit from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2022.

[Main awards]

1967 10th Mainichi Avant-garde Calligraphy Exhibition, Excellence Award/Tokyo 6th All Japan Calligraphy Exhibition, Special Award/Hiroshima

1968 8th Kyushu Keisei Exhibition Second Prize/Fukuoka 18th Saga Prefecture Exhibition Special Award/Saga

1969 18th Saga Prefecture Exhibition Special Award/Saga

1971 20th Keisei Exhibition Keisei Award/Tokyo

1972 12th Kyushu Keisei Exhibition Grand Prize/Fukuoka

1974 23rd Keisei Exhibition Unexamined Newcomer Award/Tokyo

1975 Keiseikai doujin recommendation/Tokyo

1977 9th Western Calligraphy Writers Association Exhibition Grand Prize/Kitakyushu

1979 11th Western Calligraphers Association Exhibition Grand Prize/Fukuoka

1981 Toyo Shogei Institute 5th Anniversary Selected Exhibition/Tokyo

1991 Toyo Shogei Institute 15th Anniversary Memorial Award/Tokyo

2001 Fukuoka City Cultural Award

2003 Received a letter of appreciation from National Changwon University/Korea

2006 Toyo Shogei Institute 30th Anniversary Achievement Award/Tokyo

2011 Received a letter of appreciation from the Arts Promotion Foundation of the Cultural Affairs Agency of the Republic of Venezuela.

2016 Toyo Shogei Institute 40th Anniversary Achievement Award/Tokyo Dynamic Contemporary Writers Exhibition Fukuoka Mayor's Award/Fukuoka

2018 Fukuoka Prefecture Cultural Achievement Award/Fukuoka

2022 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Persons of Regional Cultural Merit / Japan

・Nagami Tousetsu (ceramics)


1937 Born in an artist's family in Kyoto

1977 Incorporated into Akiso (currently Koedanbun) in German characters

1982: Selected for Shinkyo Art Exhibition and Kaketen

1983 Solo exhibition at Yamato Department Store, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture

1985 Solo exhibition at Tatano Toen, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture

1986 Moved to Katsuyama Town, Yamanashi Prefecture

1988 Exhibited at Kyoto Hotel Manshukai Ceramics Exhibition

1988 Moved to Saiko, Yamanashi Prefecture

1991 Solo exhibition at Fuji Art Salon, Shinbashi, Tokyo

1992 Solo exhibition at Hotel New Otani, Ginza, Tokyo

1993: Chou Fude Cuisine Calendar 94 utensils created

1994 Solo exhibition at Akasaka Imperial Villa, Akasaka, Tokyo

1994 Created 95 utensils for Zhou Futoku Cuisine Calendar

1994 Solo exhibitions throughout the country

1997 Moved to Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture

2006 Completed dragon pot

2016 Tokiwa Hotel Kasaju Exhibition, Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture

2017 Nisso Sect Minobuzan Kuonji Treasure Museum Permanent Exhibition (-2018)

2018 Fukuoka Hakata Asian Art Museum Special Exhibition of Vibrant Contemporary Artists

2018 Solo exhibition at Kofu Danjukan, Yamanashi Prefecture

2018 Special Exhibition at the Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition at the National Art Center, Tokyo

Solo exhibitions in various parts of Japan every year since 2018

2019 Katsuhisa Ogawa and Tobushi Nagami Exhibition at Fujiya Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

2021 Established Toubushi Co., Ltd.

・Kenji Moroi (Casting)


Born in Saga on March 29, 1988

2006 Graduated from Saga Kita High School General Arts Course

2010 Graduated from Sojo University, Faculty of Art, Department of Fine Arts, Sculpture Course

2012 Graduated from Sojo University Graduate School of Art, Master's Course, Fine Arts Major

2012: Belonged to Katsuno Laboratory for 1 year as a research student at Sojo University

In 2013, as a sculptor, installed the outdoor bronze sculpture ``Namiyuki'' at the Okada Museum of Art.

In 2021, we installed and donated the outdoor bronze sculpture ``The Heart Goes on a Journey'' to the Saga Prefectural Library.

Since then, up until 2023, he has been active as a sculptor, focusing mainly on inspiration from nature, creating works that explore the intersection of ideals and reality.

[Main awards]

Nitten 40th, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Selected for the 10th Nitten Exhibition, Special selection for the 10th Nitten Exhibition

Friends of the Nitten Exhibition

2008: Selected for the 4th Biennale Kumamoto

2010: Selected for the 5th Biennale Kumamoto

2012: Selected for the 48th Showa-kai

In September 2013, the outdoor sculpture “Hayuki” was installed at the Okada Museum of Art.

2013 Received the Prefectural Assembly Chairman Award at the Saga Prefecture Exhibition

2014: Selected for the 50th Showa-kai competition

In December 2014, a group exhibition “Yosomi” was held at Ushizu Red Brick Museum.

2014 Solo exhibition held at restaurant "Domus" in Fukuoka

2015 Received the Prefectural Governor's Award at the Saga Art Association Exhibition

2015 Won the Prefectural Exhibition Grand Prize at the Saga Prefectural Exhibition

In April 2016, a solo exhibition “Dunten” was held at the gallery “Hanayashiki”

2016 Received the Saga Art Museum Director's Award at the Saga Art Association Exhibition

2017 Received Saga Bank Cultural Foundation Newcomer Award

2017 Group exhibition “Sculpture Group Saga” held at Saga Prefectural Museum of Art

May 2017: Received the 100th Memorial Grand Prize at the 100th Saga Bikyo Exhibition and became a member of the association.

June 2017: Group exhibition “Sculpture Group Melting Point” held at Shintencho Muraokaya Gallery

June 2017 2nd solo exhibition “Dunten” held at Cafe Ariyume

September 2017: Received the Saga Prefecture Board of Education Award at the 67th Saga Prefecture Exhibition

March 2018 Group exhibition “Sculpture Group Saga” held at Saga Prefectural Museum of Art

May 2018: Two-person exhibition “it” held at Cafe Ariyume

June 2018: Received the “Beauty Association Friend Award” at the 101st Saga Bikyo Exhibition

November 2018 Four-person exhibition “it” held at Cafe Ariyume

June 2019: Recommended as a member at the 102nd Saga Bikyo Exhibition

July 2019: Four-person exhibition “Terushita” held at Cafe Ariyume

November 2019: Received the Saga Bank Cultural Foundation Award at the Saga Prefecture Exhibition

March 2020 Group exhibition “Sculpture Group Saga” held at Saga Prefectural Museum of Art

May 2020: Three-person exhibition “soil” held at Kyueda Ume Sake Brewery

Solo exhibition “Poetry” held at Saga Prefectural Library from May to July 2020

November 2020 “Prosperity” won the Prefectural Governor’s Award at the Saga Prefecture Exhibition

May 2021: Donated the outdoor sculpture “My heart is on a journey” to the prefectural library

November 2021 Three-person exhibition on the basement floor of Teramoto Building

November 2022 Three-person exhibition on the basement floor of Teramoto Building

February 2023 ART DECORATION 2023at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Grand Prize Winner

November 2023 “Writing Exhibition” on the first basement floor of Teramoto Building

December 2023 Four-person exhibition “Three Headed Dragon and Koei Exhibition” at Atelier coro

February 2024 Solo exhibition “My Prayers” at 410 gallery

・Yasuhiro Tsutsumi (oil painting)

[Work concept]

Scrape the colors over and over.

The scenery that emerges every time you repeat that simple act.

It is a unique trace that exists on the flowing time axis.

The traces are the true nature of things, where the events that occur before our eyes will someday disappear.

Its natural fragility becomes a beautiful mass that lands on the canvas.

[Recent solo exhibitions]

2021 “salvage” Color of the Sky (Fukuoka)

2022 “hushed voices” hanao coffee (Fukuoka) “The road not taken” Gallery Ansei (Fukuoka)

2023 "Let's talk" Shizuki solo exhibition (Hyogo) "Corner Of Memories" Color of the Sky (Fukuoka)

"It's a habit. It's always been and always will be." hanao coffee (Fukuoka)

[Recent group exhibitions]

2021 “Kushikezuru Tsugu” two-person exhibition BLANK (Tokyo) “Yurube” two-person exhibition parque (Tokyo) “TRAVELLERS” usagi gallery (New York) “Caravan” LAMPCOFFEE (Tokyo) “Caravan” kongtong (Tokyo)

2022 "Kushikezuru's Girlfriend's Destiny" Two-person Exhibition BLANK (Tokyo) "DISTANCIA" Two-person Exhibition parque (Tokyo) "My, My War" G o o z e n (Tokyo)

“Quartet Exhibition” Gallery Ansei (Fukuoka)

2023 "Kushikezuru Stain" two-person exhibition BLANK (Tokyo) "New Gaze Exhibition" Suzu Gallery (Tokyo) "Light Rain" two-person exhibition BLK (Tokyo) "55" two-person exhibition gallery58 (Tokyo)

2024 "Kushikezuru Ichi" two-person exhibition BLANK (Tokyo) "Kaleidoscope" gallery & cafe 3 (Tokyo)

・Keiji Takada (Painter)

[Thoughts about the work]

The theme is the tradition of the "Papier-mache Tiger", a folk craft representative of Japan.

It is a piece of work that has been creatively painted and sent to the world as a work of art.

Please discover new charms while keeping the adorable way she shakes her head.

[Main awards]

“11th Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition/Dynamic Contemporary Artist Award”

“12th Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition/Special Award”

・Kiharago (tempera painting)

[Thoughts about the work]

I draw motifs based on casual events and memories that I have in my memory. I'm sure there are some memories in your memory that you can recall by looking at pictures. I hope that you will enjoy interacting with the pictures by imagining such memories. The painting technique is "tempera painting", a Western classical technique. A plaster base is prepared on a board, gold leaf is applied and polished to a mirror-like surface, and pigments and egg yolk are mixed together to create paint one color at a time. Although it takes time and effort to produce, it is said to have excellent color reproduction and durability. Please take a look at his works, which are attractive in their simple and unique shapes and pop color balance, mainly due to the profoundness and vivid colors produced using the tempera painting method.


1975 Born in Kagoshima Prefecture (Residing in Kagoshima Prefecture)

2000 Completed (Master's degree), Department of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Art, Kyushu Sangyo University

2000-2003: Studied art in Paris, France

2003-2021 High school teacher, worked as an art teacher and retired early

[Main exhibition history]

<Solo exhibition>

2000 Gallery Kaze (Fukuoka Tenjin)

2002 CFILC (19th arrondissement of Paris, France)

2003 La Panfoulia (3rd arrondissement of Paris, France)

2005 BATY STYLE (Fukuoka Umi)

2006 Matsushita Museum of Art (Kagoshima)

2007 Gallery Mori (Kagoshima)

2008 Gallery Hana (Kagoshima Kokubu)

2010 Gallery Hana (Kagoshima Kokubu)

2011 Gallery Kaze (Fukuoka Tenjin) Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima)

2012 Gallery Aya (Saga)

2013 Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima) Shintencho Muraokaya Gallery (Fukuoka Tenjin)

2014 Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima) Shintencho Muraokaya Gallery (Fukuoka Tenjin)

2015 Scenic Place Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima)

2015 Scenic Place Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima)

2016 Shintencho Muraokaya Gallery (Fukuoka Tenjin) Scenic spot Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima)

2017 Scenic Place Senganen Iso Garden (Kagoshima)

2018 Shintencho Muraokaya Gallery (Fukuoka Tenjin)

2019 Shintencho Muraokaya Gallery (Fukuoka Tenjin)

2020 Gallery Shirakaba (Kagoshima)

2021 Gallery cobaco (Fukuoka Asakura) Bell Housing Kirishima store (Kagoshima)

Gallery Shirakaba (Kagoshima) Art Gallery 410 Gallery (Fukuoka Nakasu)

2022 Gallery F (Kagoshima Chuo)

2023 Gallery AND LINKS 81 (Tokyo Ginza) Yamakataya Gallery (Kagoshima)

Hakata Hankyu Department Store (Fukuoka Hakata) Yoh Gallery (Kagoshima)

2024 Yoh Gallery (Kagoshima)

<Group exhibitions, etc.>

1997 Wind Art Exhibition Biennale Makurazaki (Kagoshima)

1998 All Japan Art Salon Painting Grand Prize Exhibition (Osaka)

2000 Three-person exhibition (Fukuoka City Museum of Art)

2004 [Special Jury Award] Southern Wind Lifestyle Culture Exhibition [Memorial Grand Prize] Kokubu City Art Award Exhibition

2006 [MBC Broadcasting Award] Kirishima Art Award Exhibition

2007 [Encouragement Award] Kirishima Art Award Exhibition

2008 Ruwa Exhibition (Ishibashi Museum of Art)

2015 N548 Exhibition (Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art) Perspective Exhibition (Tokyo Ginza ART POINT)

2016 mixedmedia exhibition (Tokyo Ginza ART POINNT)

2017 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

2018 [Grand Prize] Vibrant Contemporary Artists Exhibition

2019 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition (National Art Center, Tokyo)

2020 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

2021 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum) Dynamic Thanksgiving Festival (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

2022 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum) Ai Lake Exhibition (Osaka Shinsaibashi Eye Gallery)

2023 EAST ASIA SIX ARTISTS (Korea) KAGOSHIMA ART STUDIO (Kagoshima Yamakataya)

2024 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition (National Art Center, Tokyo)

・Tsukino Kaeru (resin)


Born in 1963.

Since her high school classes, she got a job at an IT company as a system engineer without receiving any art education.

At the age of 46, when she was in middle management, she became ill and during her six-month leave of absence she began painting.

She retired from her previous job at the age of 56 and devoted herself to writing.

Her act of painting, which she started at the age of 46, was for me to bring back my childhood love for her.

Crafts were something she loved when she was a child. Her current work is an extension of this.

Her motif is what I like. Therefore, there are no negative elements.

It depicts things that are nostalgic, full of a sense of the future, and provide positive feelings that children who are in the period of altimeter regrowth will be interested in.

Using a unique method of printing original digital illustrations created on a computer, cutting parts, layering them, coating them with resin (transparent resin), and adding decorations, we create art that you have never seen anywhere else. Masu.

[Main awards]

2017 International Art Competition “Art Olympia Exhibition 2017” (Selected)

2022 Brain Brunn ART AWARD 2022 (Grand Prize)

2022 Origin of Beauty Exhibition 2022 (Grand Prize)

The flow of time and trace of run

- LEE, KOO HA - 

- PATINA –   

  Can we express ourselves with painting? This is the question whether we can depict not external but internal self-portraits. These days we think it the most urgent issues to have a mutual understanding and integration among people in the various field. It is certain that  the best way to solve the problem is harmony and conversation. However, the most important thing is to check "who I am." "Where I am now" before expressing our positions in the relation  of a country. To have a mutual understanding and integration in the country, we must communicate with inner selves. It's because we go in a deep and wide relationship after we restore the serenity of our own. This artist tries to shape his paintings  in the most humane way. This is the attempt that he tries to fill the empty space of 'self' that he did not know or he wanted to know.  What does the painting mean with the working tool of 'time' as a way to find 'self'? In what kind of shape can his nature and 'self' as a painting face? I try to find my answer in his name 'turtles (龟) and water (河)' for a way to find 'self'. It was vividly revealed in his art world.  Though he started to find the motif from his name, he tries to approach 'self' by grafting painting techniques and his view of the world. So painting work is a "self-finding" process in him and finishing operation is self-revealing. So we must follow 'points' and 'lines' of  brush with childlike innocence, He believes it the source of 'self' that all forms that made of in the course of painting from the motif  'turtles (龟) and water (河)' , What makes him believe that a form made of 'points' and 'lines' is another 'self'? It's because he believes that he thinks it not a simple task of brushstroke but the flow of time and the trace of run, so he can be whichever it is: a turtle, a painter and whatever.......  and the trace is the time when he has lived and will live. Therefore an artist can not exist as long as time hasn't passed and I think  he must owe time to this work. I do not doubt that this work in which he has endured the flow of time and run is the process of  heading to the door of another communication that is beyond 'self'.


2001 Kangwon National UNIV College of Arts (BFA)

2007 Kangwon National UNIV Graduate School of Education (MOE)

2005 ARTCOVER.COM Selection of recommended Artist (2005~2006) / France

2008-2009 Artist in residence at Park Soo-geun Museum of Art

2017 Seoul Culture Today Cultural Award Young Artist Award

2021 8th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition / FUKUOKA Asian Art Museum / 410Gallery Award

2022 10th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition / National Art Center Tokyo / International Art Award

2023 12th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition / National Art Center Tokyo / Special Award

2024 13th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition /  FUKUOKA Asian Art Museum / Special Award


From 2001 to 2024, he has held solo and group exhibitions in countries around the world, including France and the United States.

・Maya Mekira (modeling)

[Thoughts about the work]

-About Maya Mekira-

“All living things have emotions, and all stories are born from emotions.”

Maya Mekira's artistic worldview is based on her beliefs.

Always telling stories and emotions, filled with love for living things.

Art is expressed in four mediums: drawing, painting, three-dimensional painting, and sculpture.

Although she is self-taught, you can feel her rich imagination and creativity.

Her pure works of art, created with her unique creativity, are highly acclaimed overseas.

It is also on permanent display at a gallery in New York.

[Award history]

"11th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition" sponsored by TORAM, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum / Excellence Award

Circle Foundation for the Arts France/ Arts Excellence Award

[Main exhibition history]

"International Art Exhibition in Venice "Venetian Summer" Larkina Gallery / Venice

"Art & Emotion 2 Presented by Gabriel Fine Arts" Gallery Shapero Modern/London

"Nuansa Rupa International contemporary art exhibition/ Nuansa Rupa International contemporary art exhibition"

Invited artist, symposium participating artist and workshop guest lecturer.

Bandung Grand Central/ Indonesia

“ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2022” [SOLO] Booth / New York

“XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021” Florence Biennale/Florence

“ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2019” [SOLO] Booth / New York

[Solo exhibition]

"Secret Garden" 410Gallery / Japan

“Emotion Wonderland” MDP GALLERY KAMAKURA/Japan

“Become a fantasy breath” ARTIFACT Gallery / New York

・Takechakoff (Illustration)

[Thoughts about the work]

It's strange, but there's a landscape that makes me feel nostalgic.

Even though it's your first time, you feel like you've had the same experience before.

Memories are very vague and uncertain.

Things that impressed me with beauty have faded,

Things that I avoided when I was bored will shine,

Scenes in memory change in appearance.

I create works while swimming in these memories.

I would be happy if it could be used as an opportunity to open a ``window of memory'' for those who watched it.

・HAKUDOU (ink painting)

[Work concept]

Contemporary art for Japanese people: A collection of works based on ink painting and calligraphy that will be passed down to future generations.

[Painting history]

2023 12th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition Main Visual Responsible, Special Award Winner at the Exhibition

2024 Fukuoka 410 Gallery “Yakuryu Exhibition” exhibition

2024 Fukuoka 410 Gallery solo exhibition “Dynamic White Road Exhibition”

・Shimada Stratos (Illustration)

[Thoughts about the work]

My age is secretly from the supercar generation.

He has a past as a highly successful illustrator in Fukuoka.

His hobby is martial arts, and he aspires to become a boxer, but he breaks his fist and gives up.

When he was feeling irritated, a senior painter told him to draw a picture, which inspired him to make up his mind.

He has already painted extensively for clients. From now on, he will draw whatever picture he likes.

That's what he thought.

He wanted to draw things with wheels and engines. That's how I draw every day.

His special skill is being able to jump on a balance ball.

・Yuzuru (calligraphy)

[Thoughts about the work]

These works are based on the traditional style of calligraphy, in which characters are written using ink and brush. I want to express the inner part of human beings (=heart).

We humans perceive events that occur through our bodily sensations, verbalize them, think about them, and try to express them in various ways. I often feel a slight disconnect between that ambiguous feeling and the words that express it. This ``invisible heart'' can be the margins or fluctuations in a work. What is emitted from the work is the raw energy of humans. I hope that those who watch it can feel that, even if just a little bit.

[Main awards]

2015 Heart Art in FUKUOKA Selected

2015 New Senses Exhibition Encouragement Award

2016 AIDS Charity Art Exhibition Tokyo Medical Association Award

2016 Heart Art in LISBON Japan-Vietnam Cultural Exchange Arts Award

2019 Taiwan-Japan Art Expo Meihua Award

2019 6th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition Grand Prize

2020 7th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition Excellence Award

2022 10th Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition Dynamic Contemporary Artist Award

2023 NY Public Exhibition Art Incubation Honorable Mention

2024 Selected as an invited artist for the Contemporary Artist Exhibition of Up-and-coming Young Artists in Japan (Taiwan)

・Michiyo Nagai (watercolor)


She began her career as an artist in 2008 and has exhibited at numerous exhibitions and won awards.

Currently, he works at Kukan Geijutsu TORAM, where he continues to produce his works while working in exhibition planning and management.

[Thoughts about the work]

He is fascinated by flowers and has been painting them in watercolor since 2010.

Through flowers, he is able to understand their existence not only through the visible things;

Learn that there is a rich meaning in things that cannot be seen.

Time and events folded into a plane become reality within me.

Everything is alive in a quiet space, and the flowers are fragrant and beautiful.

It colors and expands the space.

It heals itself.

・Nawate Hideki (watercolor)

[Thoughts about the work]

You can feel fun, happy, mysterious, and bright.

I want to express a fantasy world that can sometimes make you feel positive.


Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1958

1981: Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts

1981: Became a teacher in Yamaguchi Prefecture for 38 years.

2003 Solo exhibition “Hong Kong in my sketchbook” at Hong Kong Visual Art Center

2004 Shimonoseki Straits Artists Federation Exhibition “Yomiuri Shimbun Prize”

2005 Yamaguchi Prefecture Art Exhibition “Selected”

2019 Iwakuni Biennale Nishiki Banquet “Excellence Award”

2021 National Thumbhole Public Exhibition “Excellence Award”

2023 410ART DECORATION #2 “410 Gallery Award”

2023 Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition “Excellence Award”

2024 40th FUKUI Thumbhole Art Exhibition “Selected”

・Tetsuji Nabeshima (acrylic)

[Profile, thoughts on the work]

Painter and Howape artist.

Born in Kurume City in 1973.

1996: Graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University, Faculty of Art, Department of Art, Painting Course. Bronze award for his graduation work.

Since then, he has participated in many group exhibitions and events.

From 2005, he continued to sell drawings and dolls he named ``Howape'' on the street for 10 years.

In recent years, he has shifted his activities to art spaces again, and in 2020, he won the 410 Gallery Award at the 7th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition, which was an open call at the Asian Art Museum. In 2021, he received the Prefectural Governor's Award at the 8th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition.

His works are prolific based on the concept of "DISTORTION POPS" and he is always challenging new expressions.

[Award history]

Prefectural Governor Award at the 8th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition

・Asaco Oguma (oil painting)

[Thoughts about the work]

Flowers are life, flowers are prayers, and the pictures I draw are love letters. . Production and presentation of oil paintings using classical techniques on silk. Much of the silk used in her works is made from unused white fabric that has not been made into kimonos. All of her works are called “Love Letters,” and she delivers various “love letters” mainly through fantasy flowers. She also creates ART FILM, which uses her own oil paintings as motifs and combines digital and music. Director of Art for You General Incorporated Association. He lives in Tokyo.

[Painting history]

1995-2005 Solo exhibition "Just take a peek" Winding of heaven Winding of earth, water, fire, wind, and light 6 series Selected for Le Salon (Paris) 5 times Exhibited in group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, etc.

2005 1st Also Art Wave 2005 Prize Winner Honorable Mention Purchase Shiro Kawakami Memorial 10th “Echigo Yuzawa National Children's Art Exhibition” Prize Winner Honorable Mention Purchase

2022 Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Tokyu Kichijoji Store Masterpiece Exhibition Mini Solo Exhibition Charity Exhibition Gallery Sugi (Akita) Art Show international #FLOWER 5 (Los Angeles) Talent Award Winner

2023 Solo exhibition of oil paintings by Sako Oguma <Love Letter 2 Paintings are love letters. . > Sendai Mitsukoshi 410gallery Special Exhibition Fukuoka Art Film "SAKURA" will be featured on the web front page of the official information dissemination platform [Group of Nations] of the Global Summit (G7.G20.APAC, etc.) during the Hiroshima Summit. Exhibition <Love Letter Paintings are love letters. . > Tokyu Kichijoji store

2024 New Year Female Artist Exhibition Gallery Sugi (Akita) Art Film “7second” posted on the [Group of Nations] web front page Hakata Hankyu + 410 Gallery The Museum Exhibition

・Takashi Ito (wood carving)

[Thoughts about the work]

Ever since I was a child, I was not good at expressing my feelings through words.

I feel like other people saw me as someone who didn't think about anything unless I said it out loud.

Still, I feel that by making things, I have been able to connect with others and society.

I create while thinking that everyone has words in their hearts, even if they don't say them out loud.

[Main awards]

1996-1998 Japan Craft Exhibition Selected

1998: Selected for Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition

2023 ART DECORATION 2023 410Gallery Award

BrainBrunn Art Award 2023 Grand Prize

11th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition Grand Prize

Kankaku Exhibition #1 Kankaku Award

Independent Tokyo 2023 Takahisa Kamiya Award

12th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition Special Award

2024 100 people selected

・Kosone emiko (mixed)

[Thoughts about the work]

The production process begins by listening to the voices of the things that are repeatedly saturated and discarded in daily life.

Information from the past and things that have completed their original role are reduced to pieces, and the colors and colors used as art materials today.

Revived as a texture.

This work intentionally does not have a top and bottom, but instead envisions a playful space or installation based on the environment and combinations.


Mixed media (painting, collage, sewing machine work)

Plywood panels, found objects, fabrics, paper, threads, pigments, etc.

[Main announcements]

2007,2011 nuinui fiber exhibition/Sembikiya Gallery (Tokyo)

2007-2019 Modern Art Exhibition

2008 Cotton Visual Art Exhibition / Sponsored by Japan Cotton Association

2010 Forms of sewing and ink Exhibition / Architectural Center Gallery (Tokyo)

2010,~2011,2013,2015,2017,2019 ,2021,2023 (irregular)

Textile Art Miniature Exhibition/Gallery 5610 Other Traveling Exhibitions

2014 FIBER ART SHOW Gallery Pause (Tokyo)

2016 material two-person exhibition Gallery Kura (Tokyo)

Perspectival (Exhibition)GALLERY ART POINT (Tokyo)

2017 Mixed media (exhibition) GALLERY ARTPOINT (Tokyo)

2018 FOUR (Exhibition) GALLERY ART POINTT (Tokyo)

2019 JCAT Exhibition Sm;)ey Pleiades Gallery(New York)

JCAT Exhibition Fusion Noho 55 Gallery(New York)

2020 JCAT Exhibition Invisible rules of JAPANARTIST| PROFILE|

Noho 55 Gallery(New York)

2023 International Open Kankaku Exhibition Asian Art Museum (Fukuoka) Kankaku Award Winner

International Exhibition of Dynamic Artists, The National Art Center, Tokyo (Tokyo)

202 International Exhibition of Vibrant Artists, Asian Art Museum (Fukuoka)

                              Many other special exhibitions and group exhibitions

・Masaaki Toyoyoshi (Photo)

[Thoughts about the work]

Born in 1975, from Saitama Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo International University in 1997. While attending school, he was interested in computers, and after graduating, he joined Nippon System Technology Co., Ltd. He is involved in system development as an SE. As his vision loss due to glaucoma progressed, he felt he had reached his limits as an engineer and retired. Since 2010, he has been studying under photographer Yukinori Tokoro. Since then, his glaucoma has progressed and he has undergone four surgeries since 2015, and now has a tube and plate in his left eye. As of 2022, most of the visual field in his left eye has disappeared. After he began undergoing surgery, he began creating the ``MONOCLE VISION'' series, a series of works that express ``invisible vision.'' Around the same time, he also began taking rehearsal portraits of Gohei Nishikawa, the "seven-fingered pianist." His main equipment is Sony α1, α7III, and RICOH GR3. In August 2020, he appeared on NHK E-Tele's program as a glaucoma patient/photographer. His solo exhibition “MONOCLE VISION” will be held in April 2022. He is a regular member of the Glaucoma Friends Network.

[Main awards]

January 2023 Selected / BrainBurun ART AWARD 2023 / BrainBurun GALLERY (Hachioji)

March 2023 Excellence Award / 6th Saitama Sewerage Photo Contest / Saitama Prefectural Sewerage Corporation (Saitama)

Platinum Winner/MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate America

April 2023 Selected / Ashiya Photo Exhibition 2023 / Ashiya Photo Association (Hyogo)

May 2023 Gold Winner/LONDON PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate・UK

June 2023 Selected / Kukan Art TORAM 11th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition / Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Fukuoka)

August 2023 Bronze Winner/P×3 - The Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023/Farmani Group・France

Gold Winner/EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate America

September 2023 Official Selection/International Photography Awards 2023/Farmani Group/USA

October 2023 Second Grand Prix/BUSCA LLC 2nd Tour of 47 Prefectures! Art trip across Japan in Saitama/Saitama Kaikan (Saitama)

Selected / Ginza Gallery Origin of Beauty Exhibition 2023 / Ginza Gallery Origin of Beauty (Ginza)

November 2023 Shimashima Print Award/Japan Art Education Promotion Association Art Photo Exhibition 2023 Wish/YC & AC (Yokohama)

Nomination/the 18th Annual Black & White Spider Awards/Black & White Spider Awards/USA

Popular Artist Award/12th DISCOVER THE ONE JAPANESE ART 2022 in Paris/Espace Cinko, Paris

December 2023 Artistic Achievement Award/Luxembourg Art Prize 2023/Pinacotheque, Luxembourg

Vibrant Contemporary Artists Award / Spatial Arts TORAM 12th Vibrant Contemporary Artists Exhibition / The National Art Center, Tokyo (Roppongi)

Bronze Winner/reFocus Awards Black & White Photo Contest 2023/Creative Resource Collective・USA

Silver Winner/NEW YORK PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate America

Honorable Mention/Budapest International Foto Awards 2023/Farmani Group・Hungary

January 2024 Honorable Mention/Tokyo International Foto Awards 2023/Farmani Group

Honorable Mention/10th Monochrome Photography Awards 2023/Monochrome Awards・USA

Shortlist selection/ZOOMS JAPAN 2024/CP+ Executive Committee

Selected / 7th Saitama Sewerage Photo Contest / Saitama Prefectural Sewerage Corporation (Saitama)

February 2024 Special Art Award / 5th All Japan Art Exhibition / All Japan Art Exhibition Executive Committee (Osaka)

Selected / 9th SHIBUYA ART AWARDS / General Incorporated Association SHIBUYA AWARDS (Shibuya)

March 2024 Gold Winner/MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2024/International Awards ・USA

・Saori Oka (acrylic)

[Profile, thoughts on the work]

Born in 1986 in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. He is a Libra. He is a night owl.

In 2023, he quit the company where he worked as a product planner for women's shorts and began production activities.

He currently works at a wine bar in Osaka and creates music after returning home late at night.

He was born and raised along the Hankyu line, rode the Hankyu train from an early age, and the only department store he thought of was Hankyu Department Store.

I am filled with great joy to be able to participate in this project in the faraway land of Fukuoka.

For me, department stores are a place filled with many dreams and aspirations.

I decided to exhibit it at this location, and this time it served as an opportunity for me to start producing, and last year I won an award at an international public exhibition.

In addition to the “Look Up” series of portraits facing upward,

I drew the 12 constellations as motifs, which I have long admired to draw.

Please enjoy looking for each constellation.

[Award history]

2023 12th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition National Art Center, Tokyo Special Award

2023 Kankaku Exhibition #1 Shinjidaiwo Art Sur Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Excellence Award

・Mitsutoshi Sunahara (acrylic)

[Thoughts about the work]

In my work, I have considered the ``poetic things'' that appear in the process of turning words into poetry to be the most important thing. Hoping to embed that "poetic thing" into his works, he continues to paint landscapes on the "other side" where cities are multilayered. The city depicted in the work is a city that is ``somewhere but here,'' and it is a landscape that is not on this side but on the other side. And from that city, which we can never reach, a vague ``light'' rises. Perhaps these are our dreams and hopes for the future. By depicting the city as a landscape, I would like to depict things on the "other side" that are out of reach.

[Profile Award History]

Born in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido

1983: Started writing poetry when he was in elementary school. He is influenced by Kenji Miyazawa and others.

1996 Admitted to Waseda University, Faculty of Education, Department of Science, Major in Biology

In addition to his studies, he is active in bands and works on sound effects for theater companies.

2001 Osaka Intermedium Research Institute IMI “Graduate School” Course Enrollment/Theory Direction Major

2003 Sponsored “Ryuta Imafuku x Shunji Ito talk session “Crossing the Island””

After graduating from Intermedium Institute, he started working at a school corporation.

In 2021, I took a leave of absence from the school corporation I was working for due to adjustment disorder.

Later, he developed bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In 2022, he will retire from the school corporation to receive treatment for his adjustment disorder.

Around the same time, he began expressing cities in black and white using pen drawings.

・Live event “Nagisa no Leyline Vol.5”

Participated in poetry reading/Zushi Coast/Nagisa Hut

・Participated in “Project HORIZON ~Three-person pen drawing exhibition~”/Sasuke Cafe, Kamakura

・Published poetry collection “Toshinonukegara”

・Participated in “10th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition” / National Art Center, Tokyo / 410 Gallery Award Winner

2023 Incorporating painting materials such as acrylic gouache to create a richly colored expression

I started working on it.

・Public Exhibition ・Participation in the 1st Kama Exhibition/Kamakura/Sasuke Cafe

・Special exhibition of “On The Other Side” / Kamakura Sasuke Cafe

・Participated in Non-digital Art Competition 2023 / Tokyo Asakusa Gallery Gei Gei

・Solo exhibition “Hikari no Machi” / Tokyo Asakusa Gallery Gei Gei

・Participated in iPad/Digital Art Competition 2023/Tokyo Asakusa Gallery Gei Gei

・Poetry reading live “multi-exposure” held/Ofuna ZUMA

・Participated in “12th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition”/National Art Center, Tokyo/Winner of 410 Gallery Award

2024・Public exhibition・Participation in the 2nd “Kama Exhibition”/Kamakura・Sasuke Cafe

・Aya Sekiguchi (acrylic)

【profile 】

Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1983. While working as an office worker, she began painting on her own and in 2017.

She concentrates more on her painting career. Since her first solo exhibition in 2015, she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

In addition to continuing to present her works through

She also offers her work.

Her work revolves around the opposing light and darkness of the natural world, something that Sekiguchi felt most strongly about.

Colors of nature - ``Blue'' is a mixture of dark blue, green, and white to vividly capture nature.

There is. The plants, animals, and sea stones that appear as her motifs have inspired her since her childhood.

What continues to fascinate her. They have been given a new lease of life by her, and are fresh and fresh.

Her dignified tranquility and gentleness fascinate the viewer.

[Main activity history in recent years]


Solo exhibition: Hundred Generations of Months (Gallery Mamezo/Nagano)

Solo exhibition Gunjo (Gallery/Hiiro)

2021 UNKNOWN ASIA 2021 (Grand Front Osaka) Daisuke Nakai Award Winner

2022 Tonami Sankyomura Museum 52nd Special Exhibition “Aya Sekiguchi Painting Exhibition: Days of Spinning Blue”

Aya Sekiguchi x Taku Fujiki exhibition “When a stone becomes a flower” (Selene Museum of Art/Toyama)

2023 ART DECORATION 2023 (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

Gallery’R Exhibition (REAL Style Imperial Hotel Plaza Tokyo)

Biennale TOYAMA2023 (Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art)

Solo exhibition Stones (Tateyama Biyori/Toyama)

Solo exhibition: A day when the moon is beautiful (Gallery Nikiro/Ishikawa)

2024 piece of peace exhibition (GALLERY Ecru Forest/Shizuoka)

Aya Sekiguchi Solo Exhibition “Nature is Blue” (La Galerie de Cherie / Hong Kong)


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