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​We have started gallery rental.

​Gallery rental information

​ Expressions that change daily are in the space that connects history.

​The building is located in the Kawabata shopping district in the center of Fukuoka. The story begins as culture and art come together and mix in a room on the fourth floor of a vintage building that is over 50 years old. The entrance is a chic monochrome space with a high white ceiling that retains the feel of vintage yet modern concrete. Humans and sensibilities resonate in a white cube created solely for the purpose of showcasing the work.


00 Annual schedule

01 Rental information


02 Loading/unloading


03 Loading entrance


04 When requesting work to the secretariat


05 Application form

Annual schedule

*If the schedule is already booked, there may be vacancies due to changes in the reservation schedule, so please apply for the desired schedule from the form. The secretariat will confirm the schedule and contact you.



​Rental Information


Art Gallery 410Gallery

4F, Kawabata Central Building, 11-8 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0026

■Usage fee※tax included

1 week​ (7 days): 132,000 yen

1 day: 22,000 yen

*Please allow at least 3 daysincrease.

*Utilities included.

*Since there is a student support system,Feel free toPlease ask.

Business day

Thursday - Tuesday

*Same as the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum next door.

Closed days/carry-in days

​ Basically Wednesday.

※Irregular casesPlease contact the secretariat.

Utilization time

13:00-19:00 (18:00 on the last day)

- Delivery begins at 13:00 the day before the event.

・Unloading is until 20:00 on the last day.

Gallery equipment (size mm)​

・40 lights (bulb color LED 60W equivalent)

・30 lights (bulb color LED 100W equivalent)

・Movable counter (W90 x D70 x H89) x 2

・Exhibition stand & sink (fixed type)

・Table (W1800×D400×H750)4 units

・Exhibition stand (white W450 x D450 x H900)

​・Exhibition stand (white W300×D300×H1090)

​・4 exhibition stands (silver W320×D320×H1000)

・Outlet:7 locations

・Full-scale picture rail

・Picture wire: 30 pieces

・Exhibition stand & sink (fixed type)

・Round chairs: 20 chairs

・Standing signboard: A3 x 1 place, A4 x 2 places



・Air conditioner


・Work storage location


It is up to the user to make arrangements for venue duty, printing of invitations, mailing, communication, etc.Please bear this burden.

Please bring your own guestbook, writing utensils, notepads, beverages, etc.

​work management

Our gallery's disclaimer is as follows.

Damage and theft associated with the management and storage of the user's goods, etc..

Facility in usedisasters, etc.accompanying damage.In addition, human and physical damage that occurred while using the facility.

Damage caused by emergencies.


1 key during the period of useI will lend you.

If you lose a key, you will be charged 3,850 yen (tax included) per key.

​Indoor dimensions (mm)

5,000 on the map

Figure right 4,000

Bottom 4,000

CL side 1,200

After counter 1,200

Ceiling height 2,900

410 見取り図

​Counter- (mobile) x 2


Horizontal 900

Height 890

410 カウンター 分割画像

​Sink & display stand(Fixed type)

Depth 600

Horizontal 1,500

Height 890

410 ギャラリー流しカウンター

​ Closet

410 ギャラリークローゼット内


Loading and unloading

Installation date

Date: The day before

Delivery time: 13:00-15:00

Exhibit preparation: Until 19:00

​※Carry inIf it is not possible the day before the eventPlease contact the secretariat.

Space for empty boxes of works

Available in gallery or warehouse

*From the secretariatI'll guide you.


※borrowerThank you in person..

Export date

event date:Last day

Closing: 18:00

​Withdrawal: Until 20:00

*BorrowPlease be the Lord.

We can also handle unpacking, exhibition, lighting, reception at the venue, withdrawal, return, etc. Please contact the gallery secretariat.


​ Delivery entrance

Art Gallery 410Gallery

4F, Kawabata Central Building, 11-8 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0026

​Google Maps

410 地図

●2 minutes walk from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

●Fukuoka Municipal Subway Exit 5

●20 seconds walk into Kawabata Shopping Street (right side)

Kawabata Central Building

1st Floor: Berkeley

2nd floor: Takakatsu

4th Floor: Art Gallery410 Gallery

*In the back of the entrance next to the clothing store, take the elevator on the right side facing Berkeley to the 4th floor.


● Berkeley (hamburger curry)

* It has been around for a long time and is famous for being delicious.

It is also popular with Hakataza performers and owners of 410 Gallery.

●Takakashou (Izakaya)

*This is a famous store where Softbank Hawks players also come.


Unpacking, exhibition, reception, withdrawal

​ Postcard production etc.

When requesting to the secretariat

*You can request everything from exhibition to return at the gallery secretariat at an additional cost (tax included).

​ Professional staff will handle postcard production, unpacking, exhibition, writing, reception, packing, and return. Please feel free to contact us if you are a beginner or need help.

Postcard productionfee 55,000 yen

*At least 2 months before the event dateWe will submit thePlease contact us below.

​Required information: Period/PostcardWork images, titles, texts, etc. to be posted on

​*The design will be produced after the meeting.

* Postcard fee not included (as soon as it is completed, the borrower willWe will deliver it to you)

Unpacking/display/writing work​

Work cost: 22,000 yen

*Exhibition preparations will be completed by 7pm the day before the event.

Reception fee during the exhibition period

1 day/1 person 11,000 yen

*During business hours (13:00-19:00)

*We are not open outside of the above hours.

​*If the work is a contract, ​, sales office from the purchase price (tax included price)commission20%I have received it.

​ *For electronic payments, a 5% fee will be charged.

​Removal, packing, and return work

​Work cost: 22,000 yen

*Packing will be completed by 20:00 on the final day.

*Repack in the packing materials used for delivery.The next day, by Sagawa ExpressIt will be returned.


​Application form

​After completing the application form, press the send button.

The secretariat will contact you in about a week.

​We may not be able to meet your request, so please make adjustments after meeting with the secretariat.

​Application information

Sale item/period

Reference image

​About loading and unloading

Remarks column

​Please fill in only for group exhibitions.


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