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410 Gallery Rental Information

The ever-changing expressions are in a space that connects history.
Art Gallery 410Gallery

The building is located in Kawabata Shopping Arcade, the heart of Fukuoka. The story begins in a room on the fourth floor of a vintage building that is over 50 years old, where culture and art come together and mingle. The entrance is a chic monochrome space with a high white ceiling that retains the texture of vintage yet modern concrete. People and sensibilities resonate with each other in this white cube created solely to display the artworks.

For those applying for the first time

02. Schedule adjustment

The 410 office will check the email and then adjust the schedule.

3 to 7 days

After confirming the details, the 410 Secretariat will send you an email to the email address you provided.

03. Schedule confirmation

Once the schedule has been finalized, please begin preparations.

Approximately 7 to 14 days

Once the event schedule is finalized, it will be posted on the 410 Gallery annual schedule.

04. Event

We look forward to seeing you there. 410 Office

Requesting help
Up to one month before the event

If you require assistance, please contact the 410 office at least one month in advance.


00 Annual Schedule

01 Rental Information


02 Gallery Facilities

03 Usage fee

04 Assistance details

05 Application Form


Annual schedule

*If the schedule is already booked, there may be vacancies due to changes in the reservation schedule, so please apply for the desired schedule from the form. The secretariat will confirm the schedule and contact you.


​Rental Information

Rental is possible for a minimum of 3 to 7 days.

Would you like to hold a solo exhibition, group exhibition or sales event at your gallery?

Please contact us for other inquiries.


Art Gallery 410 Gallery (Hakata Kawabata, Fukuoka)

​4th floor, Kawabata Chuo Building, 11-8 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 812-0026

410 地図

●2 minutes walk from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

●Fukuoka City Subway Exit 5

● 20 seconds walk into Kawabata Shopping Street (on the right)

Kawabata Central Building

1st floor

Hisui-do (eyeglasses store)

Kadota Lantern (Lantern shop)

2 clothing stores (clothing stores)

1st floor back

Berkeley (Curry)

Second floor

Takakatsu (Japanese restaurant)

4th floor

Art Gallery 410Gallery

*Go to the back of the clothing stores and take the elevator on the right to the 4th floor.


● Berkeley (Hamburger curry)

*It has been around for a long time and is famous for its deliciousness.

It is also popular among performers at Hakataza and the owners of 410 Gallery.

●Takakatsu (Izakaya)

*This is a famous restaurant that even SoftBank Hawks players visit.


Gallery Facilities

Height (H) x Width (W) x Depth (D)


●Fully-mounted picture rail

●Fully-mounted LED lighting

●30 picture wires

●40 lights (warm white LED 60W equivalent)

●7 electrical outlets

●2 display stands and counters (890×900×70)

●1 fixed display stand and sink (890×1200×600)

●1 display stand, white (900×450×450)

​●1 display stand, white (1090×300×300)

​●4 display stands, silver (1000×300×300)

●4 tables (750×1800×400)

●20 round stools



●Air conditioner



●Place for storing artwork

●Signboard (A3×1, A4×2)

Interior dimensions (mm)

On the map 5000

Figure right 4000

Below 4000

CL side 1200

After counter 1200

Ceiling height 2900

Picture rail height 2400

410 見取り図
410 カウンター 分割画像

Counter (mobile)

410 ギャラリー流し画像.jpg


410 ギャラリー流しカウンター

Display stand & sink (fixed type)

410 ギャラリー奥画像_edited_edited.jpg

Various exhibition stands


Rental fee

*Tax included

Rental fee * Tax included

1 week (7 days): 132,000 yen

1 day: 22,000 yen

*Please allow 3 days or more.

*Utilities included

*There are student support systems available, so please feel free to ask.

Last minute rental discount *Tax included

1 week (7 days): 105,600 yen

Those who apply within 30 days of the desired date.

*Only available if the gallery schedule is available.

*Only for those renting for one week


Please note that we may not be able to rent the item on your desired date due to schedule conflicts. If the last minute discount ends, we will notify you on this page three months in advance.

Opening days: Thursday to Tuesday

*Please contact us if you have irregular hours such as only on weekends.

Closed on Wednesdays

*Same as the neighboring Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Utilization time


(Until 18:00 on the last day)

*The facility will be locked and unavailable at other times.

Carry in date

The day before the event: 13:00-19:00

Or on the day of the event, 11:00-13:00

*Nails or screws thicker than 3 mm cannot be used.

*Items that may attract insects, such as fresh flowers, cannot be displayed.

Last day of removal : 18:00-20:00 .

Storage area for empty art boxes

We have a gallery or a warehouse available.

*The secretariat will provide you with information.

Unpacking, display, lighting, venue reception, removal and return can all be handled by the gallery office, so please feel free to contact us for more information.


Assistance details

*Our specialized staff can handle everything from display to return at an additional cost (tax included).

Please feel free to contact us if you are a beginner or need assistance.






※確認事項:タイトル・文章・デザイン打ち合わせなど ※印刷代は別途


















Application Form

After filling out the application form, please press the send button.

Our office will contact you within about a week.

We may not be able to accommodate your requested date, so please discuss with our office and make adjustments accordingly.

​Application information

Sale item/period

Reference image

*If there is no title or if it is a secret for customers only (such as for members), please fill it in.

​About loading and unloading

Reception person

​Please fill in only for group exhibitions.

Remarks column


[Operation and management] Please arrange and pay for venue duty, printing of invitations, mailing, correspondence, etc. Please prepare guest books, writing implements, beverages, etc.
[Management of artworks] The gallery's disclaimers are as follows. Damage or theft associated with the management and storage of users' belongings. Damage associated with disasters while using the facility. Also, personal or property damage occurring while using the facility. Damage caused by an emergency situation.
[Security] One key will be provided during the rental period. If you lose your key, we will charge you 3,850 yen (tax included) per key.
[Confirmation] *If you wish to cancel your rental, please do so within 8 days of applying. If you cancel after 8 days of applying, we will charge you 5,500 yen as an administrative fee. Since we have to prepare the exhibition space, we will not refund the rental fee (venue fee *including assistance fees that you have applied for) if you cancel within one month of the event. *Soliciting personal beliefs, etc. is prohibited within the venue.

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