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Maya Mekira


“All living things have emotions, and all stories are born from emotions.”

Her imaginative creativity is original and pure. Maya Mekila's artistic worldview is based on her beliefs, and her art always tells a story and is filled with a love for living things. ``All living things have emotions and stories.'' Maya Mekila's art always has a story and is filled with love for living things, as her belief is the basis of her artistic worldview. As a child, she suffered years of abuse at home. What soothed her lonely heart and cheered her up was spending time observing the lives of the living things around her, such as flowers, insects, and animals. She said, ``The Earth had already prepared a wonderful gift for us and blessed us with our birth,'' and that realization enabled her to overcome hardships with a pure heart. I continue to live with gratitude and love for. Besides spending time with living things, there is another foundation that has influenced her work. Her mother was a collector of picture books, especially foreign books. She says spending time with those books was magical. The originality of her work is a natural result of her upbringing and experience. She is a self-taught researcher in sculpture and painting techniques, and in addition to creating works that combine the two, she also creates drawings that are influenced by Japanese anime and manga. She considers the work itself to be a living thing that she creates, and even in the process of creating it, she sometimes speaks to the work as she progresses. . When you meet her, you notice her kindness and great sensitivity, and understand that she herself is as unique as her work. I moved from Tokyo, where I grew up for many years, to Kyushu, which is rich in nature. Currently, while raising my two children, I create works in my garden, which is visited by living things in my studio. Maya Mekila's sculptures have won three awards in Europe and one in Japan, and since exhibiting at Art Expo New York in 2019, the number of exhibition offers from galleries both domestically and internationally has increased year by year. As a contemporary artist, he is expanding his activities around the world.


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