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Emotional balloon " Artist"

Emotional balloon "Artist" Hanging type Balloon

Used paintbrush, Stone powder clay, Wire, Acrylic,Wood.

Emotional balloon " Artist"

  • 実際に使用した筆と「感情のバルーン」をテーマ作られた作品。表情が特徴的な作品である。吊るす作品。

  • サイズ:130mm×90mm×120mm

    材料:Stone powder clay, Wire, Acrylic,Wood.



​ Flow until the work arrives

​Contact us for your order

After receiving your order, our staff will check the work and inform you of the total amount of the work and the frame fee (if necessary).

​Transfer Information

After confirming the payment, our professional staff will pack the item and inform you of the delivery date.


​Commercial delivery

Once the date and time have been decided, it will be delivered by the delivery company.The shipping company will be Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.

Large company delivery

​ Yamato Art Delivery Co., Ltd. will visit and install large or special works with three sides exceeding 260 cm.*Separate cost

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