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Art Gallery 410Gallery

4F, Kawabata Central Building, 11-8 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0026

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410 地図 画像

●2 minutes walk from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

●Fukuoka Municipal Subway Exit 5

●20 seconds after entering Kawabata Shopping Street (on the right)

Kawabata Central Building

1st Floor: Berkeley

2nd floor: Takakatsu

4th Floor: Art Gallery410 Gallery

*In the back of the entrance next to the clothing store, take the elevator on the right to the 4th floor.


● Berkeley (hamburger curry)

* It has been around for a long time and is famous for being delicious.

It is also popular with Hakataza performers and owners of 410 Gallery.

●Takashou (Izakaya)

*This is a famous store where Softbank Hawks players also come.



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Thank you for your inquiry.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Tel: 092-982-0410 (Contact: Michiyo Nagai)

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