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Let's enjoy the guitar



I will teach you how to play the guitar!

I want to play my favorite song on the guitar, but isn't it difficult? I don't know anything about guitars. Please feel free to contact us. At first, it took me about a year to learn to play the guitar by myself. I learned the tricks while practicing every day, and after that I improved quickly. In other words, the trick to playing the guitar is important (^ ^) It's okay if you can't read the notes! For those who started from the first time but were frustrated, let's improve the guitar and sympathize with the fun of music together!

​Guitar Q&A


what type of guitar?

What type of guitar?

Q. What kind of guitar do you prefer? ​


A . You must be worried about choosing your first guitar. There are many different types of guitars and different prices. We will help you choose a guitar within your budget according to the song you want to play.


​ I can tell you from the beginning

Teach from the beginning

​Q . How to attach guitar strings, tuning, etc.


​A . The first guitar I bought had only standard settings. Most people give up on guitars because they are difficult to play. Therefore, we will make settings that suit you and make the guitar easy to use.


​How many people are in the lesson?

How many people?

​Q . Practice with a few people? individual?


​A . Individual instruction is also available. I will teach you exactly what you need. When you get better, why don't you try playing the guitar with various people? ​If you work hard until the guitar solo, the guitar becomes even more interesting (^^)


About the venue

About the venue


11-8 Kamikawabatacho, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

​Kawabata Chuo Building 4F, Art Gallery 410 Gallery

410 新 地図 画像.jpg

Fukuoka Municipal Subway Nakasu Kawabata Station

1 minute walk from Exit 5

​ Take the Kawabata Central Building elevator to the 4th floor

410Gallery Rental.jpg


About lessons


■ From the lecturergreeting

"The impression I got when everyone made a sound togethernever forget

I have loved the guitar since I was a child and I still play it today :)

I will never forget the joy I felt when I picked up the guitar for the first time and was able to play the song I wanted to play. And the guitar can make various sounds and play songs,It is also a communication tool that allows you to have sessions with people you meet for the first time or with other instruments. I still remember the excitement when we all made a sound together when we formed a band (^^)

"I want to increase the guitar population!"

He is an active guitarist who has experience as a guitar teacher at a music school, band, and recording experience, so he has a lot of experience. We want everyone from beginners to those who want to be professionals to enjoy playing the guitar. Let's have fun playing the guitar together :)

■ Lesson date and time

2nd 4th Friday

■ Lesson fee​

Once a month → 5,500 yen (tax included)

Twice a month → 10,000 yen (tax included)

4,000 yen per additional lesson

■ Lesson time​

*60 minutes/1 frame

*Including 15 minutes of preparation time

■ Carry-on equipment

for acoustic guitar

(guitar pick)

for electric guitar

(guitar shield effector)

​ Amplifiers are available.

■ Guitar rental

Acoustic guitar (GRETSCH)

Electric guitar (FENDER solid)

(IBANIZE semi-aco)


Rental fee 1 frame 1,000 yen


About the venue

About the venue

We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Thank you for registering to attend the event. See you on the day of the event.

田畑 プロフ ハーレー.jpg

About the instructor

About the instructor



He started playing the guitar at the age of 8 under the influence of his father. At the age of 14, he bought an electric guitar and went on stage. Became a professional at the age of 19. Based in Drum B-1, Drum Logos, and Showa. At the age of 20, he moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo and performed in Kichijoji and Mandala. He has held sessions with many famous musicians, worked as a lecturer at Tokyo Visual Arts, and is currently active as a guitarist based in Fukuoka.


​Punk Hard Rock Metal Pops Blues Funk Soul

guitar type

​Electric and acoustic guitars


​ Tetsuo Nishihama, Toshikatsu Utsumi, Ryuichiro Senoo, Shigeo Aramaki, Teruo Matsumoto,

used guitar

​GIBSON ES-345 FENDER Stratocaster

​Contact us


Please feel free to contact us.

​ *If you do not receive a reply within a week after contacting us, there may be a problem such as the email not being delivered, so please contact us again.

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