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​ "Coconie"

art subscription

Free exhibition of large works

​ Entrance and drawing room to gallery

Long-term rental possible from a minimum of 3 months


Why not make the most of your precious space? ​

​ "Coconie" safety system

​Lending works for free.

■ Selected artists from your company

We will select works that suit the space. ​

​■We will visit you once every six months to replace the works. *Semi-annual renewal (renewal fee: 11,000 yen)

​Lending conditions

■ Lobbies and reception areas are always manned and crowded

Please tell us about the location and facilities.

*It cannot be rented out in an unmanned place.

■ If you can't drive a nail into the wall

Please prepare a picture rail.

Introductory benefits

■We will give you 10% of the selling price of the work as cash back if you make a contract with the purchase of the work.

■ The works change once every six months, so the lobby and waiting room can be a fun space.

​About sales

​ ■ For inquiries and purchasers, etc.

Our gallery will take care of it.

​■The title, sales price card, and contact information will be posted next to the work.

Peace of mind guaranteed

■In the unlikely event that the work is damaged, we will replace the work.

■Our professional staff will visit you and after a meeting, we will work on the work or withdraw it.

​ Leave the installation to us

■ Specialty such as confirmation of installation location and installation method

It will be installed after a meeting with the staff.

* Transportation expenses and installation for meetings

Please contact us first, as installation and transportation costs will be charged separately.

​Coming soon​

At Art Gallery 410GALLERY, we will treat our customers with kindness and courtesy. At our gallery, we work hard to fulfill each request so that our customers can feel satisfied through our works.

​ Please feel free to contact us.

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