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view of the alley

This is a valuable work that Mr. Tsutsumi continued to draw in oil for seven years.

view of the alley

  • "I start by layering colors, and then scrape them off. The layers of color that appear in this way trigger my thoughts and begin to connect with my memories. I silently repeat this simple act. Then, for the first time, I see the scenery. That. The scenery expresses that repetition cannot exist again in the long flow of time.It reacts to the image that remains in the memory and forms as a texture.”_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

  • Size: 580mm x 500mm (size 8)

    Materials: oil painting, canvas


​ Flow until the work arrives

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After receiving your order, our staff will check the work and inform you of the total amount of the work and the frame fee (if necessary).

​Transfer Information

After confirming the payment, our professional staff will pack the item and inform you of the delivery date.


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Once the date and time have been decided, it will be delivered by the delivery company.The shipping company will be Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.

Large company delivery

​ Yamato Art Delivery Co., Ltd. will visit and install large or special works with three sides exceeding 260 cm.*Separate cost

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