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  • I wanted to capture their good aura by collecting representative motifs of East Asia from various places and pouring them into tablets made in this area. The series of processes look just like traces, and that is the main theme of this work.

  • Size: 450mm x 320mm x 20mm

    Materials: Japanese ink, gold leaf, canvas

    Production year: 2022


​Flow until the work arrives

​ Fill in the inquiry form

Our staff will contact you after confirming your work. At that time, we will discuss the availability of frames, price, shipping, etc.

​Transfer information

After the payment is confirmed, our professional staff will pack the package and contact you regarding the delivery date.


​Trader delivery

Once the delivery date and time are decided, the delivery company will deliver the item.The delivery company will be Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.

Large company delivery

​For large works or special works whose three sides exceed 260cm, Yamato Art Shipping will visit and install them.*Extra cost

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