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About the frame

We will choose a frame to match your favorite painting.

There are tens of thousands of different types of picture frames.

Choosing one yourself is a very difficult task.

​At our exclusive art supply store, our professional staff will select the frame, and as soon as it arrives, we will prepare it and hand it to you so that it can be hung on the wall.

Estimated frame types and prices

The types of picture frames vary from simple ones to box-type ones and ones with a heavy feel, and the price will vary depending on the size and material, so please use this as a guide only. Our staff and frame store staffWe will choose the frame that matches your favorite work from among tens of thousands of frames.

​Picture frame


acrylic box frame

​Some works can be used and some cannot.

Estimated amount

​10,000 yen~


​Simple amount

Perfect for highlighting or solid works.

Estimated amount

​10,000 yen~


A heavy forehead

Type suitable for oil paintings and classic works

Estimated amount

​20,000 yen~

額縁 カラー画像.jpg

​Color amount

​ Suitable for casual works.

Estimated amount

​10,000 yen~

カジュアル・シンプルな額縁 画像_edited_edited.jpg

standard amount

​A type that is easy to use for any work.

Estimated amount

​10,000 yen~


There are various types of frames, and how to choose the frame is

​Please leave it to me.

​Store staff, art supply store staff

Estimated amount

​50,000 yen~

​About delivery

​Flow until the work arrives

​Choose a picture frame

​Transfer information

Our staff and the specialist staff at the frame store will select the frame for you. We will inform you of the total amount including the work and frame fee.

After the transfer is completed, it will take about 2 weeks for the frame to be framed. We will contact you to prepare for shipping as soon as it is completed.


​Trader delivery

Our professional staff will package the item and contact you regarding the delivery date.

Delivery company will be Sagawa Express.

Large company delivery

​For large works exceeding 260 mm on three sides or special works, Yamato Art Delivery will come to visit and install and remove them.*Extra cost


We'd love to hear from you

Art is not only something to appreciate, but also to obtain.

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