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We have now prepared some noteworthy works.

These are the only works in the world.

​Special exhibition works

​ Click here for the works exhibited at the special exhibition.

410Gallery holds special exhibitions that are easy to display, including works based on various colors and selected works. You can view and purchase the winning and selected works. I hope you can find your favorite work.


Leave it to our gallery to handle everything from frame selection to delivery.

​Our professional staff will make arrangements.


​Picture frame

We will choose a frame to match your favorite painting.

There are tens of thousands of different types of picture frames.

Choosing one yourself is a very difficult task.

​At our exclusive art supply store, our professional staff will select the frame, and once it arrives, we will prepare it and hand it over to you ready to hang on the wall.

​Click here for a guide to frame types and prices


​Flow until the work arrives

​ Fill in the inquiry form

Our staff will contact you after confirming your work. At that time, we will discuss the availability of frames, price, shipping, etc.

​Transfer information

After the payment is confirmed, our professional staff will pack the package and contact you regarding the delivery date.


​Trader delivery

Once the delivery date and time are decided, the delivery company will deliver the item.The delivery company will be Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.

Large company delivery

​For large works or special works whose three sides exceed 260cm, Yamato Art Shipping will visit and install them.*Extra cost

410 ギャラリー奥画像.jpg

​Space for displaying works

Art Gallery 410Gallery

​Art Gallery 410Gallery

Art Gallery 

​ Expressions that change every day exist in a space that connects history.

The building is located in the Kawabata shopping district in the center of Fukuoka. The story begins as culture and art come together and mix in a room on the fourth floor of a vintage building that is over 50 years old. The entrance is a chic monochrome space with a high white ceiling that retains the feel of vintage yet modern concrete. Humans and sensibilities resonate in a white cube created solely for the purpose of showcasing the work.