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きはらごう プロフ 画像.jpg

Kihara Go

tempera painting

"Memory Esquisse"

A still-life painting of a skeleton to convey the message, "Don't forget that death always accompanies life. Enjoy the situation at that moment with the realization that you are living in the moment." I think that is depicted in Western classical paintings. Rather than relying on someone or something with the anxiety of not knowing when you will die, it is better to live positively and enjoy the moment by yourself. As long as we live, death is something that no one can escape, and that all conditions are equal, so it means that it is better to live in the moment and enjoy life more. thinking. “Anytime, at any time, no matter what you are doing, rather than worrying about the world after death, death is always next to you, so you can always feel death. You can lead a better life by making the most of every moment and enjoying yourself.” Go Kihara


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